Corporate Statement on Forced Labor

Fila Luxembourg S.à r.l., as well as its parent and related entities, is committed to the ethical sourcing of FILA® in accordance with Fila’s Code of Business Conduct which prohibits the use of forced labor of any kind. We strive to work with licensees and suppliers that share our commitment to the ethical production of goods.

Over the course of 2020, we have performed a review of our direct suppliers and their subcontractors, promoted awareness of the issue of forced labor in China with our global licensees and our direct suppliers and have asked both to re-certify their compliance with our Code of Business Conduct.  We continue to work with industry trade groups to learn more regarding best practices to address the issue of forced labor in China as it evolves.

Our concerns regarding the use of forced labor extend beyond the manufacture of finished goods branded with our trademark.  We understand that China is one of the largest cotton and yarn producers in the world with a majority of Chinese cotton and yarn coming from Xinjiang.   Consequently, we are currently reviewing our supplier’s practices with respect to the sourcing of raw materials.

We will continue to scrutinize our supply chain at all levels to ensure that FILA® products are manufactured by suppliers committed to internationally recognized norms for the safety and well-being of all workers.