Corporate Statement on Forced Labor

FILA Group (FILA Holdings Corp. and the entities it directly or indirectly wholly owns or controls that operate FILA-related-business) is committed to ensuring that forced labor does not occur anywhere in its supply chain around the world. The FILA Group Global Code of Conduct for FILA Business Partners explicitly prohibits the use of forced labor of any kind.  Should we find that any FILA Group Business Partner is using forced labor, we take immediate action to address the situation which may include termination of the business relationship with such Business Partner.

FILA Group takes seriously its ethical and legal obligations to prevent forced labor throughout its supply chain, and is working diligently to exert improved oversight of our direct and indirect supply chain partners and their extended supply chains. We require our Business Partners to certify their compliance with the FILA Group Global Code of Conduct for Business Partners, which sets out the required minimum standards we expect each supplier factory or facility to meet in producing FILA branded products and specifically prohibits the use of forced labor and promotes fair and ethical work practices. We have also engaged third party experts in supply chain due diligence to independently review our manufacturing supply chain and verify the credibility of information we collect from FILA Group suppliers. FILA Group’s effort to ensure no forced labor takes place in our supply chain extends beyond the manufacture of finished goods branded with our trademark. We are extending our supplier review to include the review of our suppliers’ practices with respect to the sourcing of raw materials.

We will continue to scrutinize our supply chain to ensure that FILA products are manufactured by suppliers committed to internationally recognized norms for the safety and well-being of all workers. At the same time, we will always work to ensure that we are in complete compliance with applicable laws and regulations relating to the manufacture, importation and exportation of our products.

FILA Group’s focus on preventing the use of forced labor does not end with our own supply chain. We believe that ending forced labor must be a priority for the entire apparel and footwear industries and we continue to work with industry trade groups to find global solutions for this complex problem.