Job Title:  Footwear Product Developer
Location: New York
Responsible for the processing and project management of footwear development from 2D designs to final prototypes and sales samples.  Will need to successfully turn the product brief, needs of the brand, and the end consumer, into a sample that can be profitably commercialized
Main Responsibilities/Duties:
* Participate in meetings with the product creation teams during the entire development process.  Execute the decision making process that will lead to on-time product confirmation and sales sample delivery.
* Use effective, direct and clear communication to carry out the product creation process from initial concept, through commercialization and production.
* Manage the sample making process with the ability to trouble shoot, identify and resolve any potential fit, function or costing issues.
* Consistently review and evaluate project status with the product creation team and the rest of the development team. Have a clear understanding of the following:
o Patterns and pattern manipulation and implications
o Mold processes and materials.
o Pricing structures and cost analysis
* Manufacturing process and end use performance
* Plan and carry out development projects according to critical timelines and pre-planned dates.  Create and maintain project specification sheets. 
* Send sample materials and whole shoes for lab testing and be able to interpret and take appropriate action upon lab results.
* Convey development information to both the US team as well as the team in China.  
Position Qualifications
* Must have knowledge of sustainable and environmental manufacturing and business practices
* Must have knowledge of cutting edge sustainable textiles and materials used in footwear, and other industries
* Must have project management and process improvement practices experience.
* Must be able to travel