Idea Submission 

Every year, FILA receives hundreds of unsolicited letters and phone calls regarding ideas and suggestions. Fila does not guarantee that it will return or respond to unsolicited correspondence or communications of any kind regarding ideas, designs, and/or suggestions. We appreciate this continuing interest in the Company, and are interested in receiving innovative ideas for future products that may meet the needs and desires of our customers. FILA only considers unsolicited ideas that are patented or, under certain conditions, described in a filed patent application. FILA does not accept unsolicited advertising or marketing proposals of any kind. Please do not send sketches, prototypes, documents submitted under the Patent Office disclosure program or any other non-patent or non-patent application information. We will discard them without review. However, prior to submitting any ideas, we ask you to read and comply with our Patented Idea Submission Procedures. We take this step because we are sincerely concerned with protecting the interests of the person submitting the ideas and with protecting our own interests against possible misunderstandings and claims with regard to the complex legal issues surrounding patent rights, trade secret ownership, trademark, copyrights and confidential relationships. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these topics, we urge you to have your lawyer explain them to you. Fila only accepts patented ideas via regular mail at
Legal Department: 1411 Broadway, 30th Floor, New York, New York 10018.
We do not accept i deas submitted electronically. If you choose to send us your Patented Idea, such materials will be treated as non-confidential. The following information is required when submitting your idea:

Submitter’s Name– First and Last Name of the Patent Owner (If different)

Email Address, Street Address, City, State, ZIP/Postal Code, Country, Telephone

Title of Submission Short Description of Submission (300-500 words) Two non-confidential documents (e.g. patent application or patent and/or any drawings).

Indicate whether it is a US Patent, EPO Patent, PCT Patent, or Other.

Indicate which of the following and provide: Patent Issued (Y/N)–Provide Patent #; or Patent Application Filed (Y/N)–Provide Serial #; or Provisional Application Filed (Y/N)–Provide Application #s PATENTED IDEA SUBMISSION PROCEDURES.

In order to protect the interests of both the idea submitter and FILA, we have adopted a number of practices regarding the submission of patented ideas. These procedures best protect eveyone’s interests. We appreciate your understanding. First, we ask you to read the Terms and Conditions set forth below. These Terms and Conditions explain that we accept ideas only on a non-confidental basis, and that we only evaluate ideas that are protected by a patent or for which a patent application has been filed. If you choose to submit ideas to Fila, you do so under the Terms and Conditions set forth below. Once you have submitted your idea and included the patent information, if your idea fits within the scope of FILA’s current business, we will forward the idea to the appropriate area for evaluation. When the evaluation is complete, we will communicate the result to you. Even if the submitter has no interest in receiving remuneration, we cannot accept any idea unless it is protected by a patent or patent application. We do not accept suggestions or product names, advertising material, or marketing campaigns. Further, we do not accept suggestions for ideas that are subject to protection by Design Patents or Copyrights. Please understand that we receive a large number of submissions. While we appreciate all of the ideas we receive, it is impossible for us to continue corresponding with those submitters who do not follow our procedures. Hard copies sent via mail is the only method for submitting Patented Ideas to FILA. All other inquiries by telephone, email, website, or personal contact will be directed to follow these procedures.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS In submitting a patented idea to FILA, you agree to be bound by the following conditions: You understand the Patented Idea Submission Procedures set forth and accept the conditions without reservation. You agree that you are disclosing your idea on a NON-CONFIDENTIAL BASIS and agree that there is to be NO CONFIDENTIAL or CONTRACTUAL RELATIONSHIP whatever established in connection with your submission or the evaluation of the idea. Your idea is patented or the subject of a pending patent application. You warrant that you are the owner or authorized agent of the idea being offered and that you are legally free to make the disclosure and to convey patent rights to the idea being offered. The idea is the subject of an issued patent or patent application, and you agree to provide the patent or application number. FILA has no obligation to refrain from use or to pay for the use of any idea not specifically defined and covered by the claims of an issued, in force patent, unless FILA should agree otherwise in writing. You acknowledge that the idea may be posted on FILA’s internal ideas database. You agree to provide your name, address, phone number, and email address. You agree to rely wholly on your patent rights, as defined by the Claims of an Issued Patent.